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When your roof needs repair, these services must be completed quickly to prevent the problem from growing. Leaks are hazardous for your roof because of their ability to spread and cause significant damage to the interior of your home or business. Panda Roof has over 20 years of experience. Call us when you need trustworthy roof repairs in Wooster, OH! When your property has become vulnerable, we’re here with the solutions you need.

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“We decided to go with Panda roof to have a metal roof installed on our home. pricing was great and within our budget. Looking forward to seeing our home with the new roof!”

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Areas Most Vulnerable to Leaks

Your roof is supposed to be an impenetrable barrier against water and pests, but depending on your individual roof, these areas may be more vulnerable to leaks than others:

  • Vents
  • Dormers
  • Chimneys
  • Skylights

Vents on your roof for your bathroom or kitchen are required for your home's safety. However, these areas are made of metal or plastic that can warp, rust, or break over time, creating a vulnerable space. Similarly, chimneys, dormers, and skylights disrupt the angled design of your roof, allowing water to pool or sneak underneath your shingles.

These additions to your roof may be beneficial for aesthetics, lighting, or other reasons. Still, it’s essential to schedule inspections regularly to prevent these areas from becoming more of a hazard than a beneficial design choice. When you need experienced roof repair in Wooster, count on Panda Roof for same-day service to prevent long-term damage.

7 Signs That You Need Roof Repair

  1. Water stains on ceilings or walls inside the home. 
  2. Missing, cracked, or loose shingles. 
  3. Dark streaks on roof surfaces caused by excessive algae growth. 
  4. Excessive amounts of granules in gutters and downspouts. 
  5. Sagging roof deck or visible sags in the roofline. 
  6. Flashing around chimneys and vents that is cracked or missing pieces. 
  7. Leaks around skylights, vents, pipes, and chimneys

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Common Flat Roof Issues

Rubber or plastic membranes may protect your residential or commercial flat roofs. Flat roofing materials come with their own set of challenges and vulnerabilities as compared to traditional pitched roofs. 

However, these materials are vulnerable to these issues:

  • Ponding: This is the most significant problem with flat roofs because of their minimal incline that allows water to go in any direction, unlike pitched roofs. Ponding is caused by a weakened area that has sunk below the rest and can cause long-term issues like leaks and water damage.
  • Seam separation: Many flat roof membranes are installed in sheets. Seams are a vulnerable area that can be separated by wind, improper installation, or pests.
  • Rips, tears, or punctures: Storms can cause visible damage to your flat roof that disrupts the otherwise smooth membrane, allowing water to move underneath these waterproof materials and damage the interior of your building.
  • Reduced UV reflection: Flat roofs are known for their strong reflection against UV rays that increase interior temperatures and HVAC costs. When your flat roof loses its reflection capabilities, it’s reaching the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced instead of repaired.

Don’t suffer from these common roof breakdowns without a team you can trust and the services you deserve. Panda Roof has over 20 years of experience solving these issues. You can count on us when you need comprehensive roof repair in Wooster. We stand behind every service we provide with a five-year warranty, so you have peace of mind that our repairs are reliable, or we’ll fix it for free.

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