Your roof system will be installed by trained Panda Roof expert’s using quality #1 materials. Installation will be superior to the average standards. Excluding acts of God, your roof will be ready to embrace everyday environmental challenges. Your roof will be inspected for faulty sub roofing as the project progresses step by step. This commitment to excellence makes us comfortable with offering the cutting edge guarantees.

When a roofing system or component fails under the manufacturer’s warranty, the homeowner is often caught in the middle of a blame game. The manufacturer blames the contractor, the contractor blames the manufacturer, leaving the homeowner standing in the middle of a confusion, which leads to a standoff while the roof is getting more damage.

 In the unlikely event that the roof system faces such workmanship challenges or material defects, Panda Roof will make the necessary corrections for up to 1-5-10 years with no charge to you. See front for the package/ years guarantees selected.

Top Quality vs LOW BALL PRICE

It’s a common practice for a lot of contractors to low ball a job just to win the bid or stay in business. This can’t be done without compromising quality/value. 

Make your dream a reality. 

Whether it’s for a new construction project, or to replace your roof, Panda Roof offers  Replacement services for all types of residential structures.


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We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Now that’s easier said than done. In the unlikely event that you would have issues with the roof we have installed and we wouldn’t make it right in the first 365 days (1yr), we will refund you your money and remove our roofing products at no charge to you.

We may ask for a down payment to get the materials in but we will not ask for more money until the roof is completed and you are completely satisfied. That’s the commitment Panda Roof keeps for its projects

You'v choosen the right company.

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